MCW is your single point of contact for all your networking and IT-related needs.

Our staff will become an integral part of your business. You can expect the response from us as you would a full-time IT employee. With several members on the MCW staff, we’re able to respond to your needs immediately.

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Computer Networking

Featured Services

Spam Filtering

MCW hosts cost-effective spam solutions tailored to your work environment, eliminating the annoyance of spam before it hits your inbox.

Off-Site Backup

Eliminate the risk of losing all your valuable data. Off-site backup has become the industry standard procedure to alleviate the risk of data loss associated with theft, fire and hardware or software failures.


IT has become a very technical and specialized industry. Companies run in the cloud and mobile, you can’t afford downtime.

Outsourced IT Support

Rather than maintain an in-house IT staff, we are your IT support department for your business.

Networking Infrastructure and Security

Monitored firewall installation and configuration is essential to your network security.  Antivirus and malware filtering is available for more robust protection.  HIPAA compliance as well as banking protocols and SEC requirements supported.  These principles can also be applied to your existing network.

Server and Workstation Administration

We maintain, perform updates, and upgrade as necessary, your servers and workstations.  We maintain shares and available space on your file servers, email accounts on your mail servers, and accurate and up-to-date user account access to your network’s Active Directory / authentication servers. Both Windows and Mac platforms supported and integrated.

Having a problem now?  We’re here to help with your day-to-day computer and networking help needs. We can temporarily remotely control your system and provide support right away, wherever you are.

Go Live!

Work Remotely / From Home (VPN)

Join individual computers, laptops and other mobile devices to your work, office or corporate network to work from home or on the road via an encrypted, individual VPN connection.

Site-To-Site VPN

Join entire networks at your remote locations and additional sites to your central network via safe and secure, firewalled VPNs (virtual private networks).

Wireless Networking (WiFi)

Enterprise wireless networking to cover wireless needs within your office or to securely connect to other building on your site.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Securely backup your network data, onsite and in the cloud, to protect you from data loss due ransomware, accidental deletion and hardware failure.